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This sound's very interesting, I just found this article on myddnetwork.com.
The ablility to speed up CPU Cycles sounds very cool. But I think it also make the CPU heat up faster.

Here's the article:
According to Wikipedia, “overclocking is the process of running a computer component at a higher clock rate (more clock cycles per second) than it was designed for”. Gamers can take advantage of this in order to get a faster performance in their games. There are a lot of gamers who use different overclocking techniques; and they love that. However, it is important to have some knowledge about hardware.

For those gamers who like overclocking, Asus has launched a new device called the OC Station.

This device will allow gamers to control all the voltages and frequencies in a detailed way. And it can be done even when we are playing a title game. The best thing: you don’t need to restart the computer.

OC Station has a 3-inch screen where we can configure the overclock we want in a very easy and quick way. This is a process in real time. Besides, at the same time, we can monitor the temperature of the most important components of our PC. In addition, the display can be used to show some pictures by using its slideshow function.

Is it difficult to connect to a PC? Not really, it is quite easy. It is mounted in 5.25-inch bays. So, now you know: besides your PC cards and DVD players/recorders, you should reserve some space for the OC Station.



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