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The dual monitor laptop is still a concept device, and the release is yet to come. But here's the story, for those who want to read:

Asus presents a new device: laptops with two thin LCD screens. One of them can work as a conventional screen and the other one can be used as a virtual keyboard using touch input. On the other hand, this device can be flipped in an A4 orientation, so you can use it as an e-book reader, or you can use it in a traditional way as a conventional computer, but with touchscreen technology, just like the Tablet PCs that are available today.

For users who like to use video applications, Asus proposes that the two screens can be merged to create a bigger screen (widescreen format). So it could be said this new computer has different physical configurations and all of them are useful for different situations.

In a demonstration at this week’s Cebit Show in Hanover, this computer (that has no name yet) was revealed. Although at this time, it is only a conceptual device, this computer design gives some clues as to how the company and its competitors would be trying to reinvent the “laptop concept” in a continuous process, which started about two years ago when the netbooks first came on the market.

“The dual panel offers a flexible working space in which users can adapt to suit their prevailing usage scenarios, for example adjusting the size of the virtual touchpad and keyboard,” Asus said in an official press release. “Through hand gestures, handwriting recognition and multi-touch, users are presented with a control surface that is both flexible and intuitive.”



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