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This is the first time I've seen this story, the 6-cored MicroProcessor from AMD or Advance Micro Devices.
Here's the whole story:

AMD 6-CORE PROCESSOR Amd-demonstrates-new-six-core-istanbul-server-cpus-better-than-the-quad-core-server-processors

These new CPUs offer a better performance and, at the same time, consume the same amount of energy than the current quad-core AMD Opteron Shanghai processors for servers, according to John Fruehe, director of business development for server and workstation products at AMD. He wrote about the new processor in a corporate blog post.

“Despite putting more cores in the processor, we managed to keep it in the same power and thermal ranges as our existing Shanghai processors,” Fruehe wrote. The Shanghai chips consume between 45 watts and 105 power watts and run at speeds between 2.3GHz and 2.8GHz.

Compared with previous processors, servers using Istanbul chips developed a better speed of data transfer in memory and an improved performance for running applications in Windows Server 2008 by using hyperthreading, according to AMD.

The servers may include up to 48 processors by accommodating up to eight Istanbul chips, Fruehe said. Users will be able to plug Istanbul chips into existing sockets that run Shanghai chips.

And after consulting google, to know if there are also 6-core MicroProcessors in Intel. Ive found this piece of information:


The Intel®️ Xeon®️ processor 7400 series, offers the industry's highest virtualization performance so you can do more with less. With key platform innovations built-in, the Intel®️ Xeon®️ processor 7400 series offers more headroom, reliability, and the highest expandability for large-scale server consolidation.

With enhanced 45nm Intel®️ Core™️ microarchitecture, the new Intel®️ Xeon®️ processor 7400 series is best-in-class for demanding enterprise workloads with almost 50 percent better performance‡ in some cases and up to 10 percent reduction in platform power compared to previous generation expandable servers.◊ Designed and optimized for IT, these 6-core processors provide industry-leading multi-core processing and greater computing performance without increasing footprint and power‡ demands.

With 16MB shared L3 cache, scalability beyond four sockets, 1066 million transfers per second (MT/s), and support for up to 256GB of RAM, the Intel®️ Xeon®️ processor 7400 series is the ideal choice for your data-intensive, business-critical performance requirements.

-Which means that the two rival companies are still on the same track(AMD and INTEL).



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