Samsung includes a particular E-Ink keypad with its Alias 2

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Samsung includes a particular E-Ink keypad with its Alias 2

Post  Admin on Sun Jun 14, 2009 7:16 am

The most remarkable feature is not its design, nor its benefits, nor its price. The new Samsung Alias 2 (which was announced for the American market by the network operator Verizon Wireless) would be unnoticeable in the current cell phone market with a lot of models that have been introduced recently, but its particular E-Ink keypad makes a difference.

This way, in spite of the apparent vertical orientation of this mobile, the use of E-Ink keys allows to transform the numeric keyboard into a QWERTY keypad when the user rotates the device and the screen in a horizontal position.

Besides this curious feature, the Alias 2 includes a modest 2-megapixels camera and slot for MicroSD Cards support.

There is no information available about a launch date in Europe. For the moment, it is already available in United States through Verizon Wireless. Users who sign up for a two-year contract can buy this mobile for $80.

-But I don't think this Mobile Phone will be a hit, because of it's bulky design.



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