Microsoft Windows 7 will run on SSD netbooks

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Microsoft Windows 7 will run on SSD netbooks Empty Microsoft Windows 7 will run on SSD netbooks

Post  Admin on Sun Jun 14, 2009 8:11 am

The operating system and auxiliary files generated by Windows 7 -including restore files, log points, hibernation files and temporary files - will require 8GB, leaving the other 8GB for applications and user data, according to the Microsoft senior lead program manager Leon Braginski, who said that during a presentation at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC).

“The entire install of Windows 7 will be smaller than Vista”, Braginski added. Besides, the 16GB are “enough for a good Windows 7 experience”.

The first subnotebook computer, or netbook, that was launched last year (Asus Eee PC 701) came with a 4GB SSD. It ran Lunix because Windows Vista was not appropriate, and besides that, Microsoft refused the XP license to netbooks makers at that time.

When netbooks became popular, Microsoft reconsidered its position, allowing netbooks makers to get a Windows XP Home Edition license.



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