Intel will launch Nehalem processor on November 17

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Intel will launch Nehalem processor on November 17

Post  Admin on Sun Jun 14, 2009 8:16 am

In an event invitation, Intel said that will unveil Core i7, which is the first processor of the Nehalem family targeted at high-end desktop computers.

Some test units of the Core i7 have already been shipped, and some websites like “Tom’s Hardware” and “PC Perspective” made good comments about its speedy performance. The Core i7 chip speeds range from 2.66GHz to 3.20GHz, according to several retail websites.

Chips are based on the Nehalem microarchitecture. They will be used on some systems priced at under $1,000 at launch, according to a source that knows the Intel’s plans.

The Core i7 920 quad-core chip runs at 2.66GHz and is priced at $329,99 (according to the online store Isorm). The Core i7 940 runs at 2.93GHz and is priced at $639,99, while the Core i7 965 Extreme Edition has a speed of 3.2GHz with a price of $1.149,99. The 940 and 965 also are quad-core chips.



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