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Here's how to make your torrent downloader faster:

1. Open the Bitlord program and wait for it to completely load.

2. Click on "Options" and then "Preferences," or press Ctrl + P, to load the preferences window.

3. Select "No Limit" for your Global Max Download and Global Max Upload rate under the "General Settings" box in the "Connection" section of the preferences menu.

4. Choose three to five "Max Simultaneous Download Tasks" under the "Task schedule" box in the "Connection" section of the preferences menu. This will limit the number of files you can download at the same time which will help your overall speed; the more that you download simultaneously, the slower your overall download speed.

5. Right-click on files in your download queue to open a menu where you have the option to "manual connect" your download--forcing it to connect to the tracker--and the option of "Priority," where you can designate your download as high, normal, or low priority. For your downloads, select manual connect and high priority to make them download faster.

6. Download files at non-peak hours for your area. This will help ensure that your local networks are running as fast as possible. Non-peak hours are typically at night when most people are sleeping.


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