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Please join in this forum so that you can download the source codes.
And take note, I'm not a expert. I am only posting download links to the source codes as my backup in school. That means that I am still learning
If you want to learn, here are some sites I recommend. Just click the links to go directly to those sites.

You can also join this free forum for IT experts and begginers in here, its called daniweb. I believe that they will answer anything about programming in one day. But just be sure that you've asked the question in the suitable category (Dont ask about c++ when the category you are in is web java):

If you want to join this forum so that you can download my backups, please click here:
And please take note, that I do not post download links to source codes/programs that do not run.
Take note also that Im using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, which is the one were using in school.

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