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This article tackles the things that you need to remember when downloading torrent files(as the title suggests).

1. First of all you need to consider the torrent downloading software that you are using or you are going to use. It must have atleast 90 kbps download rate, if you are using DSL or broadband connection. I recommend bit comet and bit lord for that.

2. Second, when you already got your torrent downloading software. And you're about to download something from it. Make sure that the file you are going to download has lots of seeds and leechers.
Maybe atleast 3 leechers and 24 seeds. Something like that.

3. Third, consider also optimizing the software you are going to use (I think this must be the second consideration, but never mind). If you're using bitlord (like me). Click on this link for the recommendations for optimizations.

4. Fourth, I think this is the most important that you should know and consider.
That when you download something from torrent downloading softwares. It crashes your internet, making it unusable, making it too slow(even if you have a high-speed connection). Especially if the downloader is fully optimized. And downloading at speeds like 115 kbps.
But for more info just consult this one:

5. Last, consider the time when you are going to download. Primetime(or at night) is the most traffic. You can get slow download rates. But its not always the case, because sometimes you can get download speeds at 115 kbps(for DSL and broadband users) at night time.
But it's better if you download at early morning from 3:00 am to 8:00 am.

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