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Here are some ways I have found all over the net on how to make portable applications.
In case you don't know and your only reading this because you dont know what portable apps are, then here is a short description.

According to wikipedia:
A portable application (portable app) is a computer software program that runs from a removable storage device such as a CD-ROM drive, USB flash drive, flash card, or floppy disk. Portable apps should not be confused with software portability where software allows its source code to be compiled for different computing platforms. Portable applications can be run on any computer system with which they are compatible but typically require a specific operating system such as Microsoft Windows XP or above, any GNU/Linux, etc.

In short its an application that does not need installation. It runs by itself.

Here are the steps:
1. Download this file first: makport_ByMechoDownload.rar

2. Copy the source of the application you are going to make portable.
Source can be found on C:\Program Files at an awful lots of times. But it may also be in D:\
(If you dont know this, try to open [url=C:\]My Computer[/url] on your desktop. Then double-click local disk C:\)

3. Paste it to your desktop.
4. Extract the software you downloaded a while ago. Password is: mechodownload

5. Open the folder(the folder which comes out after the extraction is done).
6. Click the icon which is not a firefox/ie/opera/safari document. The one which looks like 3 ballpens.
7.Install the program to C:\ Program Files. By clicking browse.

8. Go to C:\ Program Files and find the software you installed a while ago. Copy the folder with in the folder to the source file of the application you want to make portable.

9. Execute the two files that are there, by clicking it or doubl-click.

And here's another way to do it(but I think the first one was more reliable):

Download this file first:

1. Assuming your using a windows PC find the program which you wish to make portable .In this article we Mozilla Firefox for example ( if u don't have Mozilla , use any other software )

2. Usually the source location will be C:\program files\Mozilla Firefox\ (or similar) copy the folder Mozilla Firefox to any other place in your PC (In this example lets take my documents)

3.paste the copied folder to my documents close C:\program files\mozilla firefox so that you do not do any editing to (C:\program files\mozilla firefox) this .

5.Download the program ( link is given below) to your PC

6.extract the downloaded file to Mozilla Firefox folder inside my documents open the extracted folder and execute the 2 programs in it

8.Now your free to delete unwanted files in mozilla firefox folder (please make sure that the program works after you delete the file)

9. always take a backup of the Mozilla Firefox folder before deleting files ( step 8 ) the Mozilla Firefox folder can be compressed using winzip or similar software

11. Now you copy the compressed folder to a CD or USB device and you can run firefox now on any windows pc without extracting the software and without any installation.

-Better yet go in this site if you cant get your portable software to work in other computers.
Because I can't also get the portable registry editor to work in our school computer.(I really wanted to hack that computer at any way possible).

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