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Here is a list of suggested emulators for your psp, its already tested by me and it works really fine:

*GBA(GAME BOY ADVANCED) EMULATOR- This emulator is quite good and I reccommend this one for POKEMON ADDICTS.

*SEGA GENESIS EMULATOR(DGEN)- Also works fine. The graphics and audion is good but I think it needs some improvement regarding its screen size. Because its not full screen.

*GBC(GAME BOY COLOR) EMULATOR- Better graphical effects than the Game Boy Advance Emulator.
But we cannot change the fact that it is still the GAME BOY COLOR. And we cannot change its graphics in the PSP. But more or less it is still good regardless of the graphics especially for POKEMON ADDICTS.

*NINTENDO 64(DAEDALUS)- Also tested. But not all roms that can be downloaded on the internet are fine. Some roms are fake. But some roms that are original cannot be run by this emulator. The psp freezes and then shuts down for some games. The only game that work for me is the TRANSFORMERS BEAST WARS.
Graphics is middle class.

*FINAL BURN ALPHA Emulator- I give the graphics a nine star. Its very good like the original one.
You can also put MAME roms in this emulator.

*CAPCOM PLAY SYSTEM 1- Also a nine star for the graphics. Its like the arcade machines found on malls and game stations.

*CAPCOM PLAY SYSTEM 2- Its like the CPS1, the only difference is that you will need a cache file.

I reccommend that you also try installing the other emulators on your PSP. Because the other emulators are also working fine.
And also try checking out the tutorials for installing the emulators on the PSP.

Post download link: ?zzkdvmmtznk



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