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Post  Admin on Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:41 pm

Not as bad or evil as it may sound like. This forum is where you can find the part of Information Technology that's not very common and sometimes not advisable to learn.
But, because of what they call 'greed', I've included this forum. If you don't know 'greed', better consult google or visit this link: greed

This forum, is for all of people who wants to know more. More in a sense that,you will keep track even the darkest sides of that certain science you want to pursue.

I'm still starting on this forum, so don't expect that you would find the things you want to see in here. I too is still starting to get my hands on this side of Information Technology.

And also, please. As hacking forums and webistes are always saying, the hacking articles you see in this forum are all for educational purposes. And if you happen to do things here for evil purposes, it is your responsibility and not ours.
Because I do not encourage you to do so. You can try the articles in here, but please don't do it for your evil purposes.

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