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Download this file first:
bit.ly settemaxer

Going to the settings menu, and navigating the registry settings can sometimes cause some mistakes and this can inturn make some false settings in Windows 7. So for optimizing the settings in Windows 7, and solving the problems in various fields, there is a freeware tool named SetteMaxer which helps with Optimizing Windows 7.
It helps you with optimizing settings like shutting down of applications, optimizing the speed of operating system, application timeout settings etc.

Here are the various features of the tool -
Optimize Menu Show Delay: Setting up of the delay values of the menus to 0 can increase the navigation speed of the OS.
Optimize Wait to Kill Services Timeout: If this value is set to the max i.e. 1000, then the duration taken for shutting down/restarting would be minimized.
Optimize Wait to Kill Applications Timeout: Sets its value to 1000 in order to shorten shutdown/restart duration.
Optimize Application Response Timeout: Shorten Application Hung Timeout when an application is not responding in order to restart or end it faster.
Enable Auto End Tasks: All the applications are shut off together when there is any shut down/restart signal sent from the user.
Enable Desktop Composition: Enables Windows Aero interface even Windows Experience Index could not be started / completed or probably is not enough to enable it.
Disable AutoReboot on Crash: Disables AutoReboot feature on Crashes, It may be possible to carry on the work if the problem is not stopping windows. Even if it is stopping, at least the error will be seen easly.
Disable Task Scheduler: Disables Task Scheduler.
Disable Remote Registry Access: It can be useful to protect the registry disabling of remote access if it is not needed to use.
Disable User Access Control: Disables UAC as configuring it to level 0. it will increase the system performance and probably compatibility of older applications while launching them as disabling default security option, will decrease security level.
Disable Windows Defender: Disables Windows Defender if you prefer not to use it to have a faster system as disabling default security options, will decrease security level.
Fix Settings for Windows Live Messenger: For WLM 8.5 . It may resolve some login problems beyond a proxy server.


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