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Magic Memory Stick(MMS) is one of the tools needed for downgrading a PSP's System Software/ Firmware. Together with a Pandora Battery/ Jigkick battery as they call it.

First, you will need to download the software from here:

or here(for the members who knows the file password:
[url href=""] - Hosted on[/url]

And download Pandora Battery Maker here:

Or here, for members of this forum:
[url href=""]14694_pan3xxr2.rar - Hosted on[/url]

And here is the video I found on youtube

Guide on Pandora Battery Maker( a.ka. Hellcat's recovery flasher):

1. Connect your PSP to the computer using the USB Cable. Or an alternative would be the memory card reader. Just insert your PSP's Memory Stick Pro Duo in the Memory Card Reader(The one with the label MS/MS Duo on the side).

2. Go to USB Mode.

3. Copy the RECOVERY folder(pan3xx folder) to /PSP/GAME/ on your
memstick, so that you get a /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/ folder containing the
apps EBOOT on your stick.

Note: You can only have the pan3xx folder if you extract the file you downloaded a while ago.
This one:

4. Now copy the official Sony 3.71 and/or 4.01 Update EBOOT, renamed
as 371.PBP (401.PBP), into the RECOVERY folder as well.

The Recovery Flasher MUST be installed in /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY!
Do not rename it's folder or it will fail loading!
If you have other apps you like to use from the recovery menu, you
can do so with Recovery Flasher's option "Launch another app"

-Do the same process if you are using a memory card reader as your connector.
Here's an image I got from


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