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According to malektips.com

Dialers (dialing software) defined. Some are legitimate yet others may cause expensive problems.
Dialers (dialing software) are software packages that connect your machine directly to the Internet or an on-line service via a modem hooked up to a phone jack. Some dialers are useful; they may connect you to your Internet Service Provider.
However, dialers can also be malicious. Malicious dialers can be installed on your machine, calling up 1-900 #s, adult phone lines, international toll numbers, or other places you did not mean to call. These can add huge expenses to your phone bill.

One of the types of malware (‘any programs, documents or messages that can have detrimental effects on computers’) that is becoming more and more problematic nowadays is dialers.Dialers are small programs that dial up phone numbers for accessing certain services. Originally, these types of applications were distributed by Internet service providers to help clients connect to their servers.A little later, other services that were accessible from computers were also developed. These services, which were mainly related to pornography, were only available through special high-rate telephone numbers and as a result, dialers were developed to allow users to access them.However, it wasn’t long before malicious users realized that, if used in a certain way, dialers for accessing these services could be extremely profitable. This is when dialers started being inserted in web pages across the Internet. These pages were designed to download, install and run dialers that automatically connected the affected computer to high-rate phone numbers without the user realizing. Around about the same time, viruses appeared that were designed to do the same, but with the advantage that they could spread more rapidly.This process results in a new dial-up network connection being created, and furthermore, this number will be used as the default number for connecting to the Internet. Another, even more dangerous, consequence of this process is that it can disconnect the dial-up network connection the user normally uses, so that when the user tries to establish a connection, this number will not connect to the user’s Internet service provider but to a high-rate toll number. In either case, the result is the same, the user receives an exorbitant phone bill. Phone bills run up by dialers have been so significant that, on many occasions, they have been reported by the media. And what’s more, the majority of this fee goes directly into the pocket of the author of the program that has installed the dialer on the affected computer.

*How can you protect yourself against dialers?

1. When you are not using the Internet, unplug your modem's phone line from your wall phone jack.
2. Examine your phone bill carefully every month. Look for unexpected charges.
3. Perform other safe-computing practices mentioned in MalekTips' removing spyware and adware section. Many anti-spyware software packages can detect and remove dialers from your machine.



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