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Here is the summarized version of the tutorial I found on psp-programming.com:
But before proceeding to read, you must have atleast minimal knowledge about programming specifically the C Language.

Lesson 01: Setting up the Development Environment
-Base on my understanding, when I red on psp-programming.com. PSP Programming cannot be done on a windows environment. We need a linux environment so that we can run the applications needed for making homebrew applications. Follow the steps below so that we can make a linux environment while running windows on our system.

1. Download this file:
Forum Member Mirror:
mediafire.com ?mnqkdfeymej
Guest Mirror:

2. Install it to your computer, just follow the pictures for the specifications.

a. Select 'install from the internet then click next:

b. Check if it will be installed to drive c:\ before clicking next.

c. Click next again.

d. Select 'direct connection' before clicking next.

e. Select your desired download site, any will do. Click next.

3. Once it is done, scroll down to "devel" and click on where it says "default" so that it becomes "install."

4. Then scroll down to "web," click the "+" next to it, scroll down and set "wget" to "install."

5. Download this tool Chain:

Forum Member Mirror:
mediafire.com ?d4n2cjm3nej
Guest Mirror:

6. Extract the files(tool Chain for psp) using winrar.

-I'll be updating this article if I will have time, because I am also having difficulty on installing the program itself. Because it takes a lot of time to install.


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