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You can create and delete folders within the command prompt by using the make directory 'MKDIR' and remove directory 'RMDIR' commands. Making a directory is as simple as typing: MKDIR (directory name)

And to remove an empty directory type: RMDIR (directory name)

Note that like all command prompt commands, these depend on your current location in the command prompt. So if you were at C:\> and typed 'MKDIR myfolder', you would have created 'C:\myfolder'. If you were at 'D:\mydata>' and typed the same command, you would create 'D:\mydata\myfolder'. You can speed things up by adding paths to the command, as we did with 'CD' above.

type: MKDIR windows\system32\drivers\creative

From the C:\> prompt will create the 'creative' directory in 'windows\system32\drivers'. Note that when you use the MKDIR command in this way, any folders in your command that do not exist will be created. For example, if you typed: MKDIR windows\mike\mikedrivers the 'mike' and 'mikedrivers' directories would both be created.

The DEL command can be used to delete files within the directories you create. Typing 'del (directory name)' will delete all files in that directory, while typing 'del (filename)' will delete that file. You can add directories to the path of the DEL command, for example:

type: DEL windows\mikedir\mikedrivers\mike1.exe

This would delete the 'mike1.exe' file within the directory 'windows\mikedir\mikedrivers\'.



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