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Most of the blogs we see today make's use of enhancements on their sites. Examples of these enhancements are flash/video, pictures, music, and others. They make use of these enhancement for a better visualization for the visitors.
And what I'm going to show today is how to get a screen shot.
Screen shot is very useful especially if you don't have a video cam or anything to capture movements.
Screen shot helps the visitors understand your blog topic. Especially if it is a step by step procedure.

Things needed:
*MS Paint-This is where you are going to paste the screen shot later on.

1. Press alt + prtSc SysRq(print screen)
Note: Don't press '+', its only use to emphasize that you have to press both keys at simulataneously.

2. Now, open your MS Paint.(Just go to Start, then click run, type mspaint).

3. Press Ctrl + V to paste your screen shot. Scroll to 'save as type'. Save it as jpeg so that you can upload it to friendster, or whatsoever site you plan to upload your file.

4. Upload your files.
5. View your screen shots(largest size possible), then right click the image, then select copy image address(for opera). If you are using firefox, try to discover how will you get the image address/url of your image.

6. Press Ctrl + V to your destination page, but you have to know simple basics on html/bbcode because this are the most frequently used languages on forums and blog hosting sites.


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