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This is the second part of the article 'Bypassing megaupload download limit', which I think is much better and easier to understand and follow than the first one.

But first I will mention here the rules when you download at the site I will be going to mention later:

1.Only 1 thread to download , link will be inactive after fisrt download
2.Resuming transfers is not allowed.
3.If the download job does not run ,please generate a new premium link to download again.
4.if you have any comments ,please go to to leave comments
5.This is my addition to the rule that has already mentioned: You can only download files which are in a maximum of 300 Mb, doesnt matter if it is compressed or not. As long as you don't exceed 300 Mb.

-Please read it and try to understand. I will be repeating the most important in those for rules: Resuming transfers is not allowed. And I already have proven that with my transfers a while ago. I tried to pause the transfer, then resume it. But it did not resume, instead the browser (opera) assumed that the transfer was already done.

Method 1:
Bypassing Megaupload Limit

Go to this site :

1) Put the Refernece ID of the MegaUpload link (The last 8 digits letter/number of the megaupload link) into the box.
2) Then click Generate Premium Link
3) After that it takes few seconds, You will see "Download Now" on the top. Then click it, and Now you can download as many times you want. 3 LIMITS!


1) Go to
2) Make yourelf an account on to the site. Do the registration
3) Once completed, download the megaupload toolbar
4) From 9 P.M to 3 A.M. EASTERN TIME (EST), you can enjoy the "premium downloading experience" by downloading one file more than once. Now, depending on how many people use the service, it might be fast or slow.

Notice it is Eastern Time, Here are other time zone:

PACIFIC TIME (PST): 6pm to 12 am
CENTRAL TIME (CST): 8pm to 2am
HAWAII TIME (HT): 3pm to 9pm
MOUNTAIN TIME (MST): 7pm to 1am
ALASKA TIME(AKDT): 5pm to 11pm
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): 1am to 7am
Phillipines: 10am to 4pm

This is a free 6 hour service EVERY DAY
NOTE: Your time not here? CLICK HERE

-That's it, I have posted this article. So that others, especially those who download at Would also know the trick.


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