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-The steps in here are applicable to Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. If you have different Operating System, from those that I mentioned here. Then do your own research.

1. First, we have to check if the Virtual Disk service is enabled and is running on your system. Because you cannot start the pre-installed hard disk partitioning software in Windows if the Virtual Disk Service is disabled.

*To check:

A. Click on Start
B. On the 'Run Box' , type msconfig. Then press Enter on your keyboard.
C. A Window will pop-up, that is the msconfig window. Click on the Services tab.
D. You can now see the list of services that are currently Enabled or Disabled. Now press 'V' on your keyboard. The services starting with the letter V shall appear, and for me, its the Virtual Disk Service that appeared when I press V.

D. Locate the Virtual Disk Service, if it is already checked then nevermind. Just close the window and proceed to the next step. But if it is not checked, then you check it and click on apply. Then press OK. You may need to restart the computer in this process

E. Now go to the 'Run Box' again, and type services.msc

F. The services.msc window will pop-up. You just have to press letter 'V' again on your keyboard, in order to easily find the Virtual Disk service on the list.

G. If the status of your Virtual Disk Service is blank, then its not started yet. You will just have to start the service by clicking on the Start the service.

H. The Virtual Disk Service has now started. Close the Window.

2. Now, go to this site, and follow the rest of the steps in there.


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