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You can visit this site:

It's also similar to the site for the megaupload limits. But this time, the link that I gave you works on both rapidshare and megaupoad.
If you still haven't tried the megaupload link generator. Then here's my explanation:

1. First you go visit the site that I mentioned above.
2. Copy and paste the url of the file you want to download on the box on that site, which says link generator.

Note: It doesnt work all the time, so be patient if it does not work.


1. Click the rapidshare link you want to download from.
2. Select FREE button
3. In the address bar put the following javascript:alert(c=0) or javascript:var%20c=0
4. Click OK
5. Click OK to the pop-up box
6. Enter the captcha
7. Download Your File

-That's how to reduce the waiting time.

Rapidshare keeps a record of your IP address when you try to download a file. Now for the next files it restricts you with time limit. So, if you use DHCP, you better obtain a new IP and then you won't face a problem of waiting.
1. Click Start, Go to Run
3. Type cmd and click OK
4. When the command prompt opens type the following. ENTER after each new line.
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
5. Erase your cookies in whatever browser you are using.
6. Try the rapidshare download again. And you will succeed.

[Note: Though if you have a static IP this method won't assign you a new IP. And its for Windows users only. You can also create a batch file to execute these commands under single batch file]

If you want to create a batch file for this technique. Follow these steps:

1. Click on Start
2. Click on Run
3. Then type: notepad
4. Press Enter
5. The notepad will appear, copy and paste the codes:

ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

To your notepad.

6. Save the file as: ipRenew.bat
7. Select save as file type: All Files


1. Download and install Firefox (Ignore this step if you have Firefox already)
2. Download and install SwitchProxy
3. Google for free proxies
4. When you hit your download limit, clean your cookies and change your proxy

-That is: Using a proxy with SwitchProxy and Firefox.


1. Open IE
2. Right Click On This Link
3. Select Add to Favorites
4. Select Yes to the warning that the bookmark may be unsafe.
5. Name it “RapidShare No Wait”
6. Click on the Links folder (if you want to display it in your IE toolbar)
7. Click OK
8. You may need to close and reopen IE to see it
9. Goto rapidshare and click the bookmarklet when you are forced to wait

That is the last technique: RapidShare No Wait



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