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There's a need to compress ISO files(for PSP) especially if you want to download lots of games on your PSP but there isn't enough space.
Compressing ISO to CSO is easy you just have to follow this steps:

1. Download and install winrar. If you don't know how to do it, visit this link:
. (WinRar is very useful, because lots of files downloaded in the internet uses winrar to compress files. We also have to use WinRar in order to decompress the files. Because we cannot make use of the file when it is compressed.)

2.. You just have to download this file from Here's the link:

3. After downloading, extract the file using WinRar.

4. Open the extracted file. Click next. May look like this:

5. Click Next when you see an image like this:

-be sure that it is to be installed in drive C:\Program Files. If not, then try to click browse then select the location.

6. When this image appears, click install:

7. Wait until installation is completed. May look like this:

8. Uncheck 'View read me file', check only the 'launch psp iso compressor'

9. When the ISO COMPRESSOR IS LAUNCH, it looks like this:

-You just have to select ISO to CSO on the left side to compress your PSP ISO file to CSO.

10. Select the file to be compressed by clicking '...' button in the input file(s) box. Select also the destination of the CSO file. Be sure that you have enough disk space for the CSO file. You can check if there is enough disk space. Just right click your destination drive, for example drive C:\ then select properties. Check the amount of Mb or Gb(usually colored in pink for the free space)

11. Finally click Compress. It may take a while to compress, but be patient. Usually a command line will appear(black screen), which shows the compression state/ percentage.


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