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This is how to install the nircmd launcher and make it work properly.
You are now browsing on the proper instruction on how to do it.
Because I don't have time to do it on notepad.
Just make sure you download the shortcuts that I made in here:

And also the nircmd utility:

If you don't have trust on those links then use this:
Nircmd: ?eymm4ondztv

Shortcuts: ?mzdmgqwhzi3

After downloading the files above, create a folder named NIRCMD on your drive C:
Then extract the contents of one that you downloaded earlier) into that

After that, you may want to create another folder at drive C: which will be named shortcut
just remember, it should be no more no less than shortcut, if you capitalize the first letter,
the system might not work properly.

Now extract the contents of the to the folder you have just created.

You are now ready to execute the program. But be sure you have .net framework 4 on your system.
If you don't have it, you can download it here:

Lastly, download the program that I made to launch those NirCmd Shortcuts flawlessly. And if you want more of those shortcuts, you can visit nircmd website and create your own. But be sure to place it on C:\shortcut\

Now, download this file this is the launcher itself, created through Visual Studio 2010: ?q1xmzhmtmmt

You can run it by double-clicking on nircmd.exe, don't execute the nircmd.vshost if you don't want to die(joke!)


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