DOWNGRADING 5.00 TO 4.01 m33, 3.90 m33, 3.80 m33, and 3.71 m33

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DOWNGRADING 5.00 TO 4.01 m33, 3.90 m33, 3.80 m33, and 3.71 m33

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 06, 2009 9:29 am

Step 1:
(download the official sony updates for 5.00, 4.01, 390, 3.80, 3.71 and rename 5.00 to 500, 4.01 to 401, 3.90 to 390, 3.80 to 380, and 3.71 to 371.)

You can download it here(OFFICIAL PSP FIRMWARES):

Download the RECOVERY FLASHER by HellCat here:

Note: Your PSP must be atleast 50 percent charged. And better if its 100 percent charged.

-on your psp, go to USB mode
put the RECOVERY file into PSP/GAME and exit from usb mode.

Step 2:
turn your psp all the way off
turn your psp back on while holding R
go down to the option "Run program at PSP/GAME/REVOVERY/EBOOT.pbp"

Step 3:
selEct your target firmware
now, choose "Install M33 CFW (of version selected above)"
it should start flashing files now

Step 4:
when its done press X to shutdown your psp
when it turns off turn it back on
if it doesnt turn on just turn it off and plug in the charge cable.

-All you need is guts to do it by yourself. It doesn't matter if you brick your PSP by doing that.
You can't get further without guts.



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