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Firmware is the 'operating system' of the PSP, similar to what your computer runs (eg. Windows, Mac, etc.). Updates are released every now and then that may improve functions of the PSP, add PSX compatibility or it may be an attempt by Sony to stop CFW (hehe... impossible now).
Custom Firmware. Allows the PSP to perform extra functions. It lets you run homebrew (unsigned code) and PSX/UMD backups from the memory stick.

Official Firmware.
Kernel (1.50/3.XX/4.XX)
The kernel is sort of like the firmware and what it runs on. Think of it as Windows XP running on NT kernel. (Look it up at Wikipedia if you're confused. Some hombrew is dependant on the kernel.

DCv3/4/5/6/7 - Des Cem
DC or Des Cem means Despertar del Cementerio and is the software created by Dark~AleX that allows PSP's to be downgraded or unbricked. Your 'Easy Installer' installs this onto the memory stick.
Magic Memory Stick. Simply a memory stick formatted with DC software to allow service mode on PSP's. Usually a PRO Duo 256mb-4gb.
Service Mode
This menu accessed with MMS/Pandora allows you to install CFW/OFW or unbrick the PSP.
General service mode:

Pandora's battery
'Jig-kick' battery. Allows the PSP to boot into service mode when an MMS is inserted.
Time Machine
Released by Dark~AleX, it allows your PSP to run custom firmwares from the memory stick and run previous versions (eg 1.50). Pandora is required for this. Runs on custom IPL so it would work even if the flash and NAND IPL is destroyed.
A 'hack' that allows the PSP to access the memory stick faster. I can't really explain it to you simply. (Anyone up for a good, noobfriendly explanation?)

These are types of UMD images. ISO is the usual uncompressed image of a UMD game or movie. Many other types can be created from this such as CSO, the compressed version. These can be played from the memory stick with CFW.
The PSX emulation on the PSP. CFW lets you play your own PSX games with the "popsloader".
Applications and games designed for the PSP (even PSX games) will be an EBOOT. The file extension is ".PBP" - equivalent to ".EXE" for the PC.
PRX Plugin
An addon for the PSP with CFW to unlock more features. For example, the plugin Hold+ allows the PSP to be underclocked with the screen/backlight off while playing music.

The NAND is made up of three things. IPL (explained later), idStorage (explained later) and the internal flash (flash0/1/2/3). When you make a NAND dump, you are backing up these things. If you brick badly, you can restore the NAND and the PSP will return to the state it was in when you backed up.
Initial Program Load. The start up process of the PSP. Decrypts and loads the firmware.
Similar to how a PC starts up.
The idStorage is what gives your PSP the MAC address, region code, etc.. What makes the PSP work.
The internal flash. Made up of flash0, flash1, flash2 and flash3.
Quote from: dim33
flash0 contains the operating firmware of the PSP
flash1 contains the registry and all user settings
flash2 contains DRM information that allow games purchased from the Playstation store to function
flash3 contains the 1seg TV program (only used in Japan currently)

Dark~AleX [DA]
The PSP programmer responsible for CFW and the homebrew scene. Without him, there would be no CFW and the PSP wouldn't be as fun.
The old naming scheme DA used when creating CFW for Phat PSP's. Stands for Special Edition or Open Edition. SE was used for 2.71 and OE was from 3.02 to 3.40. Many still remain at 3.40 OE.
Dark~Alex announced his retirement around 3.51. The PSP homebrew scene was thought to be over and many people were sad to see such a great coder to leave it. As people started taking in the news, team M33 were welcomed to the scene, with their first CFW - 3.51 M33. Gamers rejoiced while others remained loyal to DA.
As PSP Slim news was the hype, team M33 announced that infact, was Dark~AleX. This surprised the whole community and everybody celebrated! . Well, you know what I mean...
March 33. CFW programmers. Made up of Dark~AleX, mathieulh along with others. Current release is 5.00 M33-4.
March 33 anniversary on April 2nd 2008:



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