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Finally we have Homebrew on the PSP-3000 or TA88v3 thanks to Davee and Team Typhoon. Here we bring you a small ChickHEN tutorial / guide on how to best set up ChickHEN in order to get it running and fast. Plus some recommend Homebrew Games and Emulators to get you started!

Here’s a quick run down of what we’re doing to need to get ChickHEN:
A PSP-3000 or PSP-2000 with firmware 5.03 (This is imperative, you won’t get ChickHEN to ever load with out it!)
The lastest ChickHEN release.
And a lot of patience

Firstly make sure your PSP-3000 or TA88v3 PSP-2000 has PSP Firmware 5.03 installed. Check in your PSP XMB go to Settings/ System Settings / System infomation. If you don’t have PSP 5.03 installed download it here. Create a folder called UPDATE in PSP/GAME on your memory stick and place the eboot from the archive into the folder. Run the 5.03 Firmware update from GAME / Memory stick and you will have 5.03. The firmware required to run ChickHEN.

Now download the ChickHEN R2 release from here. Open the CHickHEN R2 archive and place the folder inside Slim with gif images into your PSP memory stick location like so PSP/PHOTO (later it will be PSP/PHOTO/ChickHEN). Now place the h.bin into the root of your memory stick pro duo. Where the folders PSP, MUSIC etc are located.

Ok next step place the memory stick into the PSP. We have found this step helps ChickHEN boot with less attempts, go your PSP XMB, to settings and Restore Default Settings. Your PSP will reset, now go back into settings and turn off UMD Auto-Start and UMD Cache. We found ChickHEN loads in 2-3 goes after doing this.

Now go into Photo / Memory Stick and ChickHEN. And wait, you will see five egg giff images, these will start to load thumbnails. Your PSP may freeze and reset. Just keep retrying and ChickHEN R2 will load up….But if you see flashing colors, your PSP will reboot into ChickHEN your homebrew ready!

With ChickHEN R2 loaded now starts the fun part. (P.S You can put your PSP into standby now so you don’t have to go through the whole process again)

Recommended homebrew games and emulators for ChickHEN. As tested by us:

PSP Emulators like UO gPSP Kai 3.3 and Capcom Play System 1 Emulator which gives you great classic games like Street Fighter II. And homebrew games like REminiscence (Flashback) and Tyrian Open.

Trouble shooting:
Q: I can’t get ChickHEN to boot, It always freezes.
A: Keep trying, make sure your PSP has firmware 5.03
Q: How to I keep ChickHEN loaded?
A: Don’t shut down your PSP, use standby to keep ChickHEN loaded.



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