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Before you start reading this, I reccommend that you check your PSP first if it is hackable or not.
The post regarding the topic is also located on this category.
And you must also check your PSP if it has CUSTOM FIRMWARE or not.
You can check it by following these steps:

1.Turn on your PSP.
2.Go to SETTINGS. Located at the leftmost portion of the XMB(XrossMediaBar)
3.Scroll down to find SYSTEM SETTINGS.

Heres a list of CUSTOM FIRMWARES for PSP, check if it is the same as your SYSTEM SOFTWARE:

*3.60 M33
*3.71 M33
*3.71 M33-2
*3.71 M33-4
*3.80 M33
*3.80 M33-2
*3.80 M33-4
*3.80 M33 Popsloader
*3.80 M33 Popsloader Version 2
*3.90 M33 1.50 kernel Add-on(PSP Fat/Phat)
*3.90 M33 1.50 kernel Add-on Version 2
*4.01 M33
*5.00 M33
*5.00 M33-3
*5.00 M33-4
*5.00 M33-5
*5.00 M33-6

If your system software is not included on the list you might have an OFFICIAL FIRMWARE running on your PSP. You can check out PSP terms on one of my post also located on this FORUM CATEGORY.
I have also posted a guide on how to change your PSP's firmware. So you better check it out first.

Back to the main topic.
Installing Final Burn Alpha on a PSP with CUSTOM FIRMWARE.

Things needed:

1. WinRar Archiver for the computer.
2. Final Burn Alpha Emulator for th PSP.
3. A little bit of knowledge regarding PSP and the computer.
4. Final Burn Alpha Roms.
5. Memory Card Reader or USB Cable(connecting the PSP and the computer).
6. Hackable PSP or Custom Firmware Enabled PSP.

1. Download this file first: finalburn-alpha-fba4psp-v124-released/
or here:
-Select the file destination. It's easier if you place it on the desktop. Just click the desktop icon for you to do that.

And also this one(WINRAR), it's easier to extract rar files if you have this application for your computer:
In case you do not know how to install winrar in your computer, just visit the category 'PC2PSP' in this forum. There are tutorials there regarding the installation of computer software related to PSP hacking.

2. After downloading those files. You must UNRAR it or simply extract. You can extract it by right clicking the file then select 'extract here'. It's easier if you extract it on the desktop.

3. A folder called 'all' will come out(if you downloaded the file on forums. Rename that folder using right click then rename. Rename it to FINAL BURN ALPHA so that it will be easier to locate if you put in the roms.

4. Next, download the roms here:
Then extract the rom files using winrar.

5. If in case there is no rom folder in the FINAL BURN ALPHA folder then try to make one.
To do it, just open the FINAL BURN ALPHA folder then right click(when inside the folder), select new then folder. Name the folder as 'roms'.

6. Put the downloaded roms in the roms folder. Just highlight the rom file then press ctrl+c. Then press ctrl+v when inside the roms folder.

7. We are now ready to copy those files to the psp. But before that, enable first your PSP to auto-connect USB.
a. Go to settings
b. Then scroll down to system settings
c. Select USB Auto Connect
d. Then select On. So that everytime you connect a USB Cable in your PSP, it will automatically go to USB Connection(But be sure that you are in the XMB).

8. Copy the FINAL BURN ALPHA folder to:


-You can visit this link if you don't know what PSP->GAME-> means:

-That's it. Just press circle on your PSP to exit. Then try to test if its working or not.
If its not working then try checking if you have followed the steps well.
Try to search on google or youtube for further information. You can also ask questions through the use of the comments section of this forum.

Post download link: ?n2emzifjuvn




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