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Here are ways on how to bypass the time limit of megavideo.

*When the video starts to play, pause it, wait till it is Fully loaded, disconnect from your internet, Then watch it all.

*Watch the video until the ‘72 Min limit’ has appeared, (If you have a router!):
Go to: in your internet browser, Then enter your password (if there is one), then there should be ‘discconect’ somewhere, Press it and you’ll be dissconnected from the internet, then press ‘connect’ and you’ll be assigned a new ip. Then just click where you where previously, and watch the end.

*. Use the best Proxy Site to bypass any IP blocking and assign a new IP for you,
We would recommend
as it is safe and secure.

*If you are a bit of a budget, here is a bug that we notice, it might not work all the time, but it’s worth a try: play it half way and wait for 5 minutes, and you should be able to Play till the end of the movie, I find that this is a bug that MegaVideo does not notice YET.

*. Download a software called AlwaysVPN. It is a proxy service presently in beta
It’s a software that allows you to change use their proxy to make it seem like your IP is changing. Just install the software, run it, right click the icon in your task bar and select the alwaysvpn-UDP and connect. You’ll connect to their servers and get an IP through there. Then between movies just go to the icon in the taskbar and select disconnect and then connect again to get a new IP and Megavideo thinks you are now coming from a new source resetting your time limitations.

*. Or what you can do is clear my private data (firefox) including cookies and everything. Then I just refresh the movie and go back to the part I was at. Its the easiest thing to do for me cuz all I do is press ctrl+shift+delete and it deletes all the temporary internet files.

*. If you can, restart your internet router or reset internet connection. then you´ll get a new IP and can watch the movie.

*. NEW! Wait until the movie/video buffer till the end, unplug your cable or disconnect your internet connection and watch it till the END!



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