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Before you proceed, make sure you have a torrent downloading software installed on your computer. If not, then try to download bitlord. It's the simplest among the torrent downloading softwares available on the internet.

1. First thing you will need to do is to go to this site. This site is where you can gather the torrent trackers that can boost your download speeds and increase your seeds and peers.

2. This tutorial is most applicable for bitlord, but you can also use others.
3. If you are already downloading the file, just right click it and select properties.
4. Click on the advanced tab.
5. Copy and paste the trackers found on
on the tracker list. But make sure that the tracker is applicable to the file that you are downloading. For example, fi you are downloading a software then copy the url of the software tracker, if it is games, then game tracker and so on.

Note: You can add as many trackers as you want. For faster downloads.

6. Click ok when you are done.
7. To check if the trackers you added are ok. See the lower pane of the Torrent downloading software interface. If there is an error on the tracker portion, remove the tracker you added. Then see again if there are other errors.
I recommend that you separate the default trackers on the list, from the one's you are adding. To trace the error easily.

*Here's a youtube video, on how to make torrent downloads faster.


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