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Note: This is a guide on how to get all of the characters in bleach. Either playable or just an ally of a playable character.

*AIKAWA LOVE: You can get him in the stage where you can fight and get SHINJI HIRAKO. But you must have an item with the face of KUROSAKI ICHIGO in order to get him. You can buy that from URAHARA KISUKE. Or you can also pick it from other stages.

*SHIBA KAIEN: You can get him in Hueco Mundo, in the stage where you get to battle two ESPADA'S. Just use Rukia to beat Aroneiro Aruruie(The one which looks like an octupus when you battle him.

*ESPADA's: It's just easy to find them. You will just have to roam around in Hueco Mundo. You can get all the Espada listed in this site:

Just try to search for those linings on the walls of hueco Mundo and just press Square button to destroy those doors that will lead to a secret tunnel. Where you will find rare items and characters.

*SHINIGAMI's: It's also easy to find and get all of them, what is important is that you must have a good eye sight and common sense so that you can see all the indents on the walls. You will also have to follow the violet butterflies that you will see in your adventure, because they will lead you to a secret way. You will just have to slash the exact place where the butterfly disappeared and a secret door will open.

Another clue on how to get all the shinigami is that you must have a knowledge on Bleach itself. I recommend that you visit this site in order for you to know the Captains and Vice Captains which are mainly the characters which you will find in Bleach Soul Carnival.

**You might also want to know the characters who wants items for you to get them, here is a list and the items that they want:

-The First one was already mentioned above, that was Aikawa Love. Who wants a bleach comic book.

*Yachiru: The Vice Captain of Kenpachi, the little girl with a pink hair. Can be found in the stage where you will have to battle with Byakuya Kuchiki. Just search for walls with indent and the letter 'R' will appear if you are close to it. Just press 'R' on your PSP to enter that secret way. And you will find Yachiru. She like's the green bag with two stars. You can buy it from Kisuke, the guy with the Green and White stripes hat. If you don't know what that green bag looks like. Then just buy anything green with two stars from Kisuke.

*Lisa Yadomaru: You can get this perverted vaizard girl by giving her a hentai magazine. Which I think you can just pick up from somewhere else.

**In this section I will mention on how to get the characters which are most challenging to get if you haven't gotten the exact character that they are looking for.

*Ise Nanao: Vice Captain of Kyouraku Shunsui, the guy in pink. You can get Ise Nanao when you already have Yachiru. She is also found in the same stage where you get to battle Byakuya, and where you got Yachiru.

*Shinji Kyouraku: The captain in pink. You can get him when you already have Ise Nanao.

**About Maps:
-You can take advantage of the Maps to get all the characters easily. Just press select button when you are already in a stage. Just find the arrows which point at nothing. Those are the secret passages. The green human like legends in the map is either a character or a boss which you can also get.

**Here's a list of what you can get from the characters that you will have in your adventure:

dark = that skull icon in stats
Kurosaki Ichigo -- Atk points +3%
Kuchiki Rukia -- Ice damage on regular attacks
Ishida Uryu -- hollow damage 20%
Yasutora Sado -- unflinchable? to regular enemy attacks(on a particular area)*
Shihoin Yoruichi -- electric damage on regular attacks
Urahara Kisuke -- ???
Tsumugiya Ururu -- shinigami damage 20%
Hanakari Jinta -- hollow damage 20%
Tsukabishi Tessai -- unflinchable? to regular enemy attacks(on a particular area)*
Don Kanonji -- BP, don't really know what this is, +5%
Kon -- HP +5%
Mecha Kon -- HP +20% def points +4% electric resistance -30
Karakuraizer (Karakuraiza) -- HP +10% SP +10% Can't double jump
Hollow Ichigo -- Exceed attack power limit
Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni -- fire damage on regular attack
Sasakibe Chojiro -- Fire resistance +30
Soi Fon -- Dash distance increase
Marechiyo Omaeda -- Money earned +10%
Kira Izuru -- ???
Unohana Retsu -- ??? Item related for sure
Kotetsu Isane -- All element resistance +10
Yamada Hanataro -- gain 1% life points from damage dealt to enemies
Iemura Yasochika -- dark(skull) resistance +30
Ogido Harunobu -- kidou(SP/support atk) +2% ice resistance +30
Hinamori Momo -- fire resistance +30
Kuchiki Byakuya -- slash bonus??
Abarai Renji -- ???
Komamura Sajin -- atk points +5% ???
Tetsuzaemon Iba -- atk, def, SP/support atk +1%
Kyoraku Shunsui -- ???
Ise Nanao -- ???
Hisagi Shuhei -- atk pts +1% ???
Hitsugaya Toushiro -- fire resistance -30 ice resistance +60
Matsumoto Rangiku -- unflinchable to regular enemy attacks???
Zaraki Kenpachi -- unflinchable to regular enemy attacks???
Kusajishi Yachiru -- Walks faster
Madarame Ikkaku -- ???
Ayasegawa Yumichika - ???
Kurotsuchi Mayuri -- poison damage on regular attacks
Kurotsuchi Nemu -- dark resistance +30
Akon -- SP +10%
Ukitake Jushiro -- HP -5% electric resistance +50
Kotetsu Kiyone -- HP +5%
Kotsubaki Sentaro -- Def pts +2%
Kurumadani Zennosuke -- ??? item related
Shiba Ganju -- shinigami damage +20%
Shiba Kukaku -- HP,SP +3% atk,def,sp/support atk +1%
Shiba Kaien -- ???
Bonnie-chan -- atk pts +5%
Wakame Taishi -- sp/support atk +5%, walks faster
Hirako Shinji -- Exceed attack power limit
Sarugaki Hiyori -- damage bonus 10% to uncertain kind of enemy (katakana - kuridiikaru)
Yadomaru Lisa -- atk pts +4% sp/support atk -2%
Muguruma Kensei -- damage bonus 10% to uncertain kind of enemy
Rose -- atk pts -2% sp/support atk +6%
Love -- hp -5% sp +15%
Mashiro -- ??? item related +1%
Ushoda Hachigen -- all element resistance +10
Nel Tu -- ???
Neliel -- ???
Dondochakka -- atk pts +2%, unflinchable to some attacks??? check *
Pesche -- HP +15% ??? player related
Dordonii-- atk pts -2% sp/support atk +5%
Cirucci-- can triple jump
Gantenbainne-- atk pts +5% def pts -2%
Wonderweiss - ???
Luppi -- atk pts +6% def pts -3%
Ulquiorra -- ??? +5%
Nnoitra -- ???
Grimmjow -- atk +4% sp/support atk -2%
Zommari -- ???
Szayel Apporo -- dark resistance +30
Aaroniero -- hollow damage 20%
Yammy -- ??? SP gain 5%
Barragan -- ???
Halibel -- ???
Stark -- ???
Tousen Kaname -- ???
Ichimaru Gin -- ???
Aizen Sosuke -- ???



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