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All homebrew apps to be installed on a PSP with custom firmware has a universal way of installing.
And this guide will allow you to install almost all homebrew apps and emulators on a psp.

*A computer with internet connection.(without administrator restrictions)
*A little knowledge about the computer and the PSP.
*Winrar Archiver

1. Download all homebrew apps you can find on the internet then unzip them all
-A good site would be:

2. After downloading, extract it with winrar.
If you don't have a winrar on your computer, then download it here:

Again, if you don't know how to install winrar. Go to this link:

You need to locate the EBOOT.PBP file. Because this is the file that your PSP can read. If it is not located where it is supposed to be, then the PSP will read it as a corrupted data.
EBOOT.PBP file must be atleast inside a folder.
Only one folder, because if it is located in a folder which is also inside a folder then it will not be red by the PSP. So try to move the EBOOT.PBP file if that is the case.

To move it, you will just have highlight the EBOOT.PBP file using the mouse then press CTRL+C(to copy). Then press CTRL+V when you are already inside the desired location(which is inside a folder).

3. Connect your PSP and your computer using the USB CABLE(I believe that this is sold separately, which means that its not included when you buy the PSP.)

4. Open the FOLDER. It may look like this:

5. The opened FOLDER may look like this(add some folders you don't have in your PSP if you want, just copy the folder names in this image)
-But if you don't know how to add folders then this is the guide:
Right click then select new, then folder. Note: name the folder as exactly as what you see in the image below.

6. Open the PSP folder.
This is what you will see if you open the PSP folder you've seen a while ago:

7. Open the GAME folder. This image is not exactly what you will see, because I assume that you haven't added some homebrew apps yet.
But this is where you will put the homebrew apps you downloaded a while ago.
Do the copy-paste procedure(CTRL+C then CTRL+V) to copy those homebrew apps in your PSP GAME folder.

Post download link: ?j1iixneqzdd


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