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The security of the information is something really important, and Lenovo knows that. Today, we show you this excellent gadget that is perfect for those who are obsessed with the protection of their data, especially in these times when mobile and portable devices are becoming part of our everyday life.

The Lenovo ThinkPad USB Secure Hard Drive is now available for sale. It is a hard drive with a 128-bit security encryption system and a metal dome switch keypad for entering a 6 to 24-digit security code in order to access the data. Definitely, this is a great and affordable option to maintain your information in a portable device with an acceptable level of security.

And if you are wondering why using an encryption system via hardware is a good choice, the answer might be: it is a good choice because although the encryption via software is very safe, like any software there is a possibility of bugs or faults that prevent it from behaving as intended. Hardware, on the other hand, is not affected by this type of faults.

The price for this easy-to-use and portable hard drive of 320GB is $206.99. Other features include: no requirement for an AC power adapter, high-speed USB 2.0 Interface and multi-colored LED device status indicator.

If you want to buy it, click in this link
-For those who want to secure their private moments and classified data.



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